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  • Have attended DKK's breeder course, the specialized studies on genetics and law and finally supplementary course in "The statutory dog keeper education"We are not really large-scale breeders  - a few litters have seen the day of light though.
    It is not required for us, but both of us have attended DKK's breeder course, the specialized studies on genetics and law and finally supplementary course in "The statutory dog keeper education".

  • Our ideal is first and foremost to breed a sound and healthy Chow Chow, that lives long and is mentally prepared to resist daily modern requirements as a good and stable family dog. The fact that it is also beautiful is just to top it all.
    Studies show, that the temperament is transmitted from one generation to the next with 60%, for which reason the parents sound manners and a proper imprint already from the first weeks at the breeder is essential.

  • We don't inbreed.
    An inbreed coefficient at 6.25 (cousins) increases the risk of inherited diseases by 2 - 2.5.

  • Don't ever be tempted to buy a cheap dog from a breeder, where you actually feel in your stomach that things are not all right. Visit more than one breeder before you decide. Most decent breeders opens gladly their home for people wanting to meet the dogs in the kennel, also when there are no puppies for sale. Of course you are never forced to buy a puppy when browsing.
    Buying a puppy is a matter of CONFIDENCE - and remember, you and the puppy are hopefully looking forward to share a happy and unconcerned life the next many years. Think carefully before you go for it.



Puppies (2,2)

Luna Nera del Fiume Giallo

JCH Bei Wei Botai / Ejer: Aase Bach Nikolaisen

Hsiung Kou's
Yüeh Chewbacca
Hsiung Kou's
Yüeh Nan Tzu Hei
Hsiung Kou's
Yüeh Hsin Te
Red male Black male Red bitch
Owners: Ingelise & Jørgen Rasmussen Owners: Anette Pilgaard Jensen & Nigel Kajhøj Owners: Lis Taul & Preben Krog


12/13-03-2009: Luna has been mated to Bei Wei Botai.
Before mating we had progesterone tests done, as Luna is very difficult to read when it comes to the correct day. The vet and Botai agreed about it though and it didn't take long for the experienced Don Juan to charm himself upon the not as experienced princess.

Botai visited her for two days and it was an amorous couple that was forced to say good bye at the doorstep when Botai went home to Jægerspris. If it is true, that a Chow bitch must be in love with her partner before succeeding - well, then she must be pregnant.

01-05-2009: Luna is pregnant. With two weeks left she is already oppressed and find life to be rough, but it does not keep her from leading the pack on her daily walk as usual .

11-05-2009: The whelping box is ready. Want to see it - click here!

15-05-2009: Finally the little ones have arrived. The waiting has been long and Luna has been restless for several days, but this doesn't matter as now the puppies are sleeping in the box..
Luna seems pleased with her first litter of four. Two dogs and two bitches. One of the males is black, while the rest of the litter are all red.

16-05-2009 - Day 1: Our happiness has turned to big sorrow. Luna suddenly died from us and the puppies - and now we are concentrated on giving the puppies the best start in life according to the given circumstances.
It is inexpressibly hard, but in all this sorrow we must be happy for four strong pups, that are increasing their weight and are functioning in every way. They need our full attention right now.

The loss of Luna is unbearable.

19-05-2009 - Day 4: Luna's puppies have now passed three days which is the most critical period and it is a bunch of tough riff-raff's. They eat good and function in every way. Tessa is doing her best to help nursing them, but is pretty careful still. She never had a litter herself and this is a whole new experience to her.

22-05-2009 - Day 7: The puppies are eating well and it's amazing how fast they grow. Today they are seven days. It has been great to read veterinarians testimony that the puppies have the same chance of a great healthy life as if they were nursed by their mother.

23-05-2009 - Day 8: Just as we have begun to believe, that the puppies will do alright, the small bitch stopped eating from one meal to the next. She suddenly ate very little formula, but totally lost interest in the teat after a few ml. At first we were not that alarmed, as they have done that once in a while all of them, just to gain this in the next meal. She was still active and warm. The next meal wasn't better and now we began to worry and kept an eye on her all the time to make sure she kept herself warm and functioned. In the end she was forcibly fed with a pipette instead of the bottle to make sure she had something to eat. This took almost an hour and afterwards she collapsed more and more and we kept her close to our skin to keep her warm. But she didn't want to live anymore and 6 O'clock this morning, one week after her mum, she died.
The two males and the last bitch shows no sign on not wanting to live, but this reminds us on how fast things can turn around.

26-05-2009 - Day 10: The puppies have now started to use their noses, when we pick them up. And already they believe, they are to big for the whelping box. Most of the time they spent laying spread out on the floor.

29-05-2009 - Day 13: We have had our ups and downs, but fortunately mostly ups. The puppies are gaining weight as supposed and they are big and strong. In spite of that we now twice had to hurry to the emergency vet, because one of them without warning suddenly refused to suck the feeding bottle. They then are fed a few meals by tube and are on their toes again within a few hours.
Now we have the equipment here at home, and we have been taught how to use it - this must be the best protection against needing it again.
The first eye has gleamed behind an eye-lid. It was the bitch wanting to see the world, but she hurried to shut it of again. And they are now seeking for at place away from their sleeping madras to make their toilet. NICE!D.

31-05-2009 - Day 15: Now the licking reflex is working and tonight the red male had his first self-helped drink of water. They all have a chap where the eyes will end up.

03-06-2009 - Day 19: So much is happening these days. All three of them have now eyes, the teeth are finding their way out of the gums, they sniff around in the box to find each other and the bitch can certainly hear when we talk to her. All of them are up on their legs and manage without problems to enter the slope to the whelping box and the slippery wooden floors. The boys are a little behind.
More and more they do their own toilette, but they keep us busy anyway and more than four hours between the meals are not accepted. Even if the vets recommend every six hours in this age.

05-06-2009 - Day 21: It was great fun opening up to the puppies this morning as immediately they spotted me, they came running towards me on their unsteady legs - unmistakably with the joy of recognition. Before it was the scent, that attracted them, but today they could see and hear it was their mistress that came.

06-06-2009 - Day 22: Now they are playing - today the bitch took the black by the scruff of the neck and shook him thoroughly. He didn't stand a chance.

07-06-2009 - Day 23: We are practising to eat regular food. The last few days, we have tried with a little raw beef, cheese and puppy food mixed with raw beef and formula. But apparently this is not good enough for our little bitch, so tomorrow we will feed her Specific wet-feeding as recommended by Annalise Stagebo. All three do master the technique, but find the bottle more cosy. They have moved from our living room to the kitchen where the floor is more friendly to pee droppings.

11-06-2009 - Day 27: Things are going rather quickly at the moment. We have had some logistic challenges, because our lovely dog-sitting neighbour has gone ill and had to go to hospital today. And when we suddenly found ourselves with only one car, it was a little hard to manage everything.
The puppies eat a lot of regular food and they have already grown fond of different sort of foods. They mainly eat Hills, which they soon must do without to have puppy pellets instead. Thee still love the bottle twice a day.
They are really affectionate and love to go to sleep in our arms.
Michael and Fie were on a short stay from The Netherlands to enjoy the pups.

13-06-2009 - Day 29: Yesterday Anette and Nigel visited us for the first time. It seems that the black, who might end up to be called Anton, will move to Zealand. It will be hard to sent him this far from home, but he will love his new family. They already adore him.
Later my niece Janni with her daughter Ea, who is only 1 year and 4 month, came - and Ea was actually really good with the little pups.
Today , Mai-Britt and Henrik came by. So much has happened since they last were here three weeks ago. Approx. 1½ kg. more dog and from being a little helpless sausage, he now is a big, determined guy.
We let the pups out every time they scream and then they sit and do their toilette after a few seconds. They are so clever, they are.

14-06-2009 - Day 30: We have been waiting for this a long time - I mean, the day were a little tail will waggle at the bottom end of the dog, when it hears our voices. And finally it happened. First Anton waggled wildly at Preben - afterwards even wilder it was at Tufai. Then Chewbacca took his turn. But tiny Hsin Te does not really master the technique yet. I believe, it will be tomorrow, she will waggle at ME!

20-06-2009 - Day 36: Oh, so much is happening. The puppies are more active now and are running some tremendous tours on the lawn. Anton spurt happy along for full speed earlier today. Why - because he can!
All the garden is safe by now and they are confident going to the farthest end, without siblings or  other support. First a little bit hesitant, but now filled with self-confidence.
A lot of hands have been on patting visits. New everyday - all age groups and sizes. And the little ones just love the attention. The vacuum cleaner is the dangerous element in a safe everyday life.
Ushi takes responsibility for the pups when we have visitors.
The pups shows no more interest in the bottle.

23-06-2009 - Day 39: During the morning walk in the garden, Hsin Te suddenly catch eye on me from the other end of the garden. She runs with full speed on her short legs towards me to stop in front of me and waggle her tail like mad. Life is great.
Ushi shows more and more responsibility and has even started to play with the pups. Her favourite is Hsin Te - maybe because I already told her this is Luna's little girl and we are going to keep her.

27-06-2009 - Day 43: Chewbacca had guests today. His new family from Randers oaid him a visit and I believe he showed his best behaviour. he is a little bit naughty, and might need to learn what no is an extra time or two. But Mai-Britt and Henrik likes the challenge, so I think they will manage those three. At least they haven't been scarred away and they will be back to get him the 10th of July. If they can find him. LOL

28-06-2009 - Day 44: Last night we were out - for the second time in the six weeks we have had the pups. It is strange being departed for such a long time and without Ushi and our wonderful neighbour it would not have been possible. Even if they go in and out through the dog flap they need company and must be fed. They were just so happy when we got home and the tails waggled at every little puppy.
Anton had practised on getting his ears up and in place all evening and this morning he succeeded. To small triangles are raising to the sky. He is such a clever little boy.
In general the pups are much more interested in playing with us now and not just each other.

01-07-2009 - Day 47: Today it was time for a visit to the vet. As the puppies are feed with formula, we were recommended to inoculate now and at the same time we had them chipped and made a health check. Veterinarian Peter Weis was happy to see the puppies as the clinic have followed the course since before we decided to mate Luna. Peter Weis is a German Shepherd guy, but there is no doubt, that Luna a very special space also in his heart.
The veterinary  expert valuation is, that this is a bunch of very fine puppies in in good condition, He had absolutely no remarks. Both males have their testicles in place in the scrotum.
But it was so hot for the pups. First driving in the car, then a looong time in the clinic and then the trip back home. Both males do not really fin driving by car is a hit, but at least they didn't get sick. Hsin Te tried to comfort them and she licked her brothers solicitously on the way.

03-07-2009 - Day 49: Today the puppies had their treatment for worms and they need that twice later. Next time here, but the last time, the vet gave us small packages for each pup to give in their new homes.
Oh my God, they are full of mischief. They are very good at finding out what to do when together and when the temperature allows it (it is very hot). They are live wires.
Maybe Ushi is having puppies soon - if not, then Anton is not to blame. He has done his best all day.
There is only one week until Chewbacca is moving to Randers - of course it is great he is having a fine new home, but it will be more than difficult to do without him.

10-07-2009 - Day 56: Eight weeks have passed rapidly. Today we had to sent Chewbacca to Randers. He is going to be townsman, if you meet a little naughty puppy in the Area around Randers Rainforest - then it is probably him.
He needs to learn how to live with to elderly cats, but he has already had the best teacher in our own Olsen.
Now we are looking forward to him coming for his vacation while his family is out on a trip.

D. 14-07-2009 - Day 60: Today Anette & Nigel departed with Anton. It was a long drive for him,  but fortunately it went well and we have already received the first pictures of Anton cooling himself in the birdbath.





Puppies (0,5)

CH Yama Silver Moonbeam

CH Yama Mr. President / Ejer: Michael Stagebo

CH Hsiung Kou's Shihshih Hsiung Kou's Shinshih Hsiung Kou's Shinte Hsiung Kou's Shiwei CH Hsiung Kou's Shuwai
Red bitch Red bitch Red bitch Red bitch Red bitch
Died: 29-05-2007 Died: 20-08-2003 Died: 27-10-2000 Died: 10-04-2007 Died: 2008
Owners: Lis Taul & Preben Krog Owner: Christel Blidegn Owner: Ruth Knudsen Owner: Henrik Gynther Sørensen Owner: Enzo Farinella, Italien



Puppies (3,1)

Ilsø Debbie

Wingwood Golden Surprize / Ejer: Inger Boas

Hsiung Kou's
Hsiung Mao
Hsiung Kou's
Tin Toej
Hsiung Kou's
Tong Kwai
Red bitch Red dog Red dog
Died: 01-07-1991 Died: 20-05-1992 Died: 01-10-1990
Owners: Lisbeth & Ole Jessen Owners: Lis Taul & Preben Krog Owners: Jette & Henrik Thalmay



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