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29-10-2012 Monty's first litter is born News
30-09-2012 Monty - a father to be News
29-09-2012 Monty BOB in Rostock and ROSG12 News
30-08-2012 Monty had another girlfriend in his garden News
21-08-2012 Monty had a girlfriend visiting News
03-06-2012 We have been busy this spring showing Monty News
15-05-2012 Today Hsinte is three years old News
22-02-2012 And they are here - the results on Monty News
15-02-2012 Now it is time News
08-12-2011 Ushi is now eight years old News
06-12-2011 Today Monty is one year old News
21-10-2011 Goodbye my lovely, beautiful Tessa News
04-09-2011 Monty & Hsinte på Europahundeudstilling i Leeuwarden, Holland News
19-08-2011 Poor Ushi - this time she had her womb removed News
01-08-2011 Tessa is still fighting against her cancer News
31-07-2011 Monty was in a dog show in Vejen News
09-07-2011 Monty's first show, World Dog Show 2011 in Paris News
01-07-2011 Monty is growing up News
24-04-2011 Hsinte was in a dog show in Volta Mantovana, Italy Hsinte / News
22-04-2011 Hsinte was in a dog show in Næstved Hsinte
09-04-2011 Monty News
08-04-2011 Tessa has been to the vet News
04-04-2011 Hsinte was in a dog show in Tønder Hsinte
03-04-2011 Hsinte was in a dog show in Gjern Hsinte
13-02-2011 Hsinte was in a dog show in Fredericia Hsinte
27-11-2009 Finally supplementary course in "The statutory dog keeper education" News
13-11-2010 Hsinte was in a dog show in Middelfart Hsinte
07-11-2010 Hsinte was in a dog show in Herning Hsinte
06-11-2010 Hsinte was in a dog show in Herning Hsinte
16-10-2010 Hsinte, Ushi & Tessa was in a dog show in Aars Hsinte
26-06-2010 Hsinte at the World Dog Show 2010 News
13-06-2010 Hsinte & Chewbacca was in an open show in Sabro News
29-05-2010 Hsinte was in a dog show in Tåsinge Hsinte
15-05-2010 Chewbacca is moving out - again News
20-04-2010 When Hsinte met Biru News
10-04-2010 Hsinte was in a dog show in Gjern News
06-04-2010 Chewbacca is home for good this time News
09-03-2010 Poor Tessa - this time she had her womb removed News
26-02-2010 Chewbacca home again on holiday News
23-02-2010 Tessa had the spot removed News
30-01-2010 Hsinte attending a show in Fredericia Hsinte
14-01-2010 A wartlike spot is growing on Tessa's nose News
26-09-2009 Anton is growing up News
12-09-2009 Specialized studies in genetics and law - supplementary to the Danish Kennel Club's breeder education News
05-09-2009 First show News
15-08-2009 Time flies News
18-07-2009 Two pups again  :o) News
14-07-2009 Chewbacca and Anton have left their nest News
06-07-2009 Good buy Tufai News
01-07-2009 Trip to the vet Puppies
28-06-2009 Six weeks - only two weeks left! Puppies
23-06-2009 Ushi shows responsibility Puppies
20-06-2009 Our sweetest things Puppies
13-06-2009 Everything goes just so fast Puppies
29-05-2009 The first eye looked out into the world Puppies
26-05-2009 Activating noses Puppies
23-05-2009 The small bitch has gone Puppies
19-05-2009 Luna's pups are doing great Puppies
16-05-2009 We have lost our beloved Luna and the puppies their mother News
15-05-2009 Luna has given birth to her first litter News
02-05-2009 Ushi has been entered to an International Show in Aalborg Ushi


Ushi has been entered to a National Show in Hedensted Ushi

Updated 24-11-2012


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