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29-10-2012 The first litter with Monty has since the light of day.

Peli's Zakaya of Flensborg has given birth to six fine little bitches today. We are so much looking forward to see them grow up.

You can follow the pups at Peli Kennels homepage - click here:

30-08-2012 Peli's Zakaya of FlensborgMonty - a father to be.

Peli's Zakaya of Flensborg, a young fawn beauty, living in the Peli Kennels in Skanderborg is expecting her first litter. The sire is Miketilla Monte Carlo.

Puppies after this combination to be born around November, 1.

29-09-2012 Monty Best Of Breed in Rostock, Germany

A great trip to Rostock, Germany, ended op with Monty being Best Of Breed and winning the title Rostock Sieger 2012. Also he had CAC and CACIB.

30-08-2012 Monty is busy flirting

This time our "daughter-in-law´" was a young fawn beauty, Peli's Zakaya of Flensborg.

It was love at first sight - and we hope the young couple will become parents in 9 weeks.

21-08-2012 Monty had a girlfriend visiting

I don't really know, if it was us or Monty who was most anxious about his first girlfriend visiting.

No matter it was a pleasure and a great experience for the young gentleman to have DKCH Litchi Chow Dina Shan on a visit. They flirted and loved. Maybe in two month a lot of tiny Monty's will see the daylight?
We will keep our fingers crossed.

03-06-2012 We have been up and about this spring

Mostly Monty has been bothered by this. He went with us to Volta Mantovana, Italy, to A.N.I.C.C. 25-years anniversary show., where he was met by his breeder, Elaine Cannon. They were have to see each other and soon they agreed on entering the ring together. They did a great job and was placed as no. 4 in a class with 15 junior males. In all there were 185 Chows entered and the Italians nowadays holds the biggest event at all in Europe every year.

Monty also went to WDS in Salzburg, Austria and finally in Neumunster, Germany, where he was Best Junior and ended up in top five amongst all breeds. He also won his first title, Neumünster Jugendsieger.


Hsinte is now three years old

Imagine it has been three years since our little mousie was born. And we had to struggle the match of our lives for the babies. That Hsinte is three does not change the fact - she is our puppy still. She always will be.

Celebrating Hsinte is not without grief. We think back on the day we lost Luna, Hsinte's mother, after the birth. An unpleasant experience that will stay with us for life.

22-02-2012 And they are here - the results on Monty

The anxious waiting has ended and we are thrilled that he has (almost) been in the clear.

HD A in both sides and ED 1 also both sides is more than satisfactory.

15-02-2012 Now it is time

Monty has been to the vet, and his hips and elbows has been x-rayed.

He is a little sleepy now, but pretty indifferent about the result - unlike us. We have to wait anxiously on the official results from DKK. The fact our vet think everything looks ok is absolutely without importance in the big picture.


Ushi is now eight years old

She is still leader of the pack - a very soft and gentle one.

Nice with our old lady to keep an eye with the youngsters.


Today Monty is one year old

Still a puppy inside, but outside a big teenager weighing 29 kg and 52 cm in height.
21-10-2011 Goodbye my lovely, beautiful Tessa

A tough time is over and you are in peace. We will always love you and miss you.

You have been a tremendous joy all your life, which is over much too soon.


04-09-2011 Monty & Hsinte på Europahundeudstilling i Leeuwarden, Holland

Det var dejligt igen at være i Holland - denne gang på Europahundeudstilling med følgeskab af vores gamle ven og Ushis opdrætter Menno De Jager.

Det gik ret trægt ved indgangen og køen var lang på trods af, vi ankom i mere end god tid til udstillingen. Mange mente dog ikke, det med at stå i kø skulle blokere deres adgang til det allerhelligste og de vadede lige forbi og ind gennem mylderet uden så meget som at blinke.

Monty var først i ringen og blev Bedste hanhvalp,
Hsinte fik en excellent og blev anden bedste tæve.

Men det vigtigste var dog, at vi havde en rigtig dejlig dag og weekend.


Keeping the vet on his toes - this time it's Ushi

In the middle of her season suddenly Ushi began to have a very slimy and bloody flood. It didn't smell bad as pyometra usually does, but undoubtedly that was what it was. It was open and therefore we could recognize it immediately. She began the day being very quiet and wanted to stay outside the house.

But again this means a trip to the vet and as she has no need for her uterus we decided to operate instead of starting some penicillin-cure which in principle often just push the problem to the next heat. If at all it cures anything this time?

The operation went well and we took a very tires Ushi home for restitution within the next 24 hours and hopefully she will recover totally in the next two weeks.

But we think we have had our share of illnesses now and for some time.


Tessa at the vet

We are amazed and happy. In spring Tessa had her Death sentence - with advanced liver cancer she would not survive until end of summer. But she is still here - and she is eating, drinking, going out for her daily walk and most important; she is happy.

The vet could now see that even if the symptoms said liver cancer this is not the correct diagnose. This would have showed now as jaundice. Her heart and lungs are functioning and so is her digestion. The only proof of her illness is her big and hard belly which makes her look like a pregnant bitch that is about to deliver.

No matter what cancer she has the tumour is not growing with the same speed lately - but it has become very hard. We agreed with the vet that she is fine and can stay with us for the time being. We know the time is borrowed, but as long as she doesn't know she is ill, we will for sure keep her.


Monty's first show, World Dog Show 2011 in Paris

Our handsome boy has waited for his debut in the show ring, as we haven't yet got his Danish pedigree. Luckily in Paris he could be entered with his English papers - it might be quite a gamble, but we decided to go for it.

In our papers we were informed that the exhibition opened at 9:30 and the judging at 12:30. We had plenty of time in the morning - or so we thought.
At the hotel people talked about we had to be there before 7:00 to get a good place at ringside. Well we didn't really believe that and sat of to arrive at 8:30. And we had to park in far away from the show ground. It was chaos when we arrived to the
ZAC Paris Nord 2 and the same moment as we had packed equipment and dogs from the car, it was raining heavily. Arriving at the veterinarian control we were soaking wet. Well we were in good time and well prepared so what more could happen?
Entering the halls the judgment had started in every ring??? and our two were filled with poodles. There were no space for either dogs, cages or us. They had been so clever and arranged "Opposite day" shows in the same rings as WDS - and for this we were not prepared. We placed us self where people entered the ring - the only possibility. And we had a lot of evil eyes - and telling-off from a German Chow owner, as we took a tiny bitter to get warm again. Something we ordinarily never ever do.

The dogs were placed in their cages - and there were no room to get them out again. But then Elaine Cannon and Kathleen Ridding arrived and of course Monty should be looked over. He was so happy to see Elaine again. Mette Maj was kind to lent us her grooming table and in spite of a wet puppy and eternal pushing Kathleen managed to make a show dog out of Monty. The Poodles of course did not finish until 12:30 and they had plenty of time to pack. We didn't get more space.

My God we were frustrated - except Monty. He was completely unaffected of the  excitement and he went into the ring as a pro. He was Best male puppy no. 3 and that was not at all too bad, except I managed to insult the person placed as no. 2 congratulating him going out of the ring. Apparently you do not congratulate no. 2, but what do I know.  :o)

Well done my  boy.

01-07-2011 Monty is busy.

And he grows up way too fast. He is just the sweetest boy and a charmer. He charms everybody with his forward character and gentle way. Although naughty he is easy to handle and always happy,

We are looking so much forward to his first show.

24-06-2011 Visiting Chewbacca

Finally the day arrived to go see Chewbacca. He is quite happy to see us, but when Hsinte is there, we only get a very quick greeting. Hsinte surely is the guest of honour - no doubt about that.

They play in all house and garden until they both are completely flat on the ground and the garden art is spread all over the place. But they are having fun.


Luna's baby's are now two years old

It is quite impossible to understand. Hsinte is still "The little one" in the house and she wil most probably stay that the rest of her life.

A gift arrived from Anton, which Hsinte had to share with her friends. Thanks a million Anton!

A heartfelt congratulation to Chewbacca, Anton and Hsinte.

24-04-2011 The trip went to Italy

And how much we have missed it. It has been 15 years since our first Italian show and from time to time we come back. If anybody can make a grandiose show it surely is the Italians. There Clubmatch in Volta Mantovana is simply better than any show at all. With 163 entries it is the biggest chow event in Europa.

The best dogs are there and the quality is just so high.

Next year A.N.N.C.C. can celebrate 25 years anniversary and it will for sure be the event of the year, which we cannot miss.

Hsinte was entered too but she showed up in her bikini. It was fine considering the weather, but almost everybody else came in there party outfit - Hsinte was not quite up to this in the ring.

Never the less the car was stuffed heavily on the way home with a very big Easter egg for everyone and winning the lottery on the catalogue no. which turned out to be a big basket of Italian specialties of high quality.
09-04-2011 Take care when you visit Crufts Dog Show.

Well, you shouldn't go to Crufts and on a puppy visit, unless you have space for yet another puppy at home in your doggy house.

We fell absolutely in love with this little Monty, when we were in England in Marts and finally he has come home to the girls, who are not yet completely sure about their enthusiasm. Anyway we say welcome home, Monty.

08-04-2011 Tessa has been to the vet.

At first we thought, Tessa was growing a little bit fat, but we she began looking like a pregnant bitch and her womb was removed a year ago, we knew something was not right. Today we went to the vet.
Tessa was x-rayed, ultrasound scanned, blood tests and biopsy and we had the worst imaginable judgment - she has progressive liver cancer and nothing can be done to help her. So far she is alright, but her liver fills up her stomach so much it affects her breathing and soon she will not be able to digest her food.
She was so sweet and cooperative at the vets, as Tessa always is. Happy and waggling her tail.

This is a hard sentence on our happy Tessa and who is trying to comfort us? Of course Tessa. It's unbearable - she just turned nine years old.


Today Tessa is ten

She seems to be doing great, even if she seems to be a little fat, the old lady.

A big congratulation everybody's little charmgirl!


Today Ushi is seven years old

Warm congratulations, my dearest friend!!
27-11-2010 DKK's supplementary course in "The statutory dog keeper education"

Finally our breeders education has been updated, and now it fulfils the requirement of the law regarding dog keeping.
That is to say we now have the right to keep three breeding bitches in our kennel and to breed to litters a year. However the last-mentioned will never ever happen.

26-06-2010 Hsinte and the World Dog Show 2010 in Herning

HsinteWe had been waiting for this event for a long time as I guess the rest of the dog world in Denmark.

With 131 Chows entered there was enough to see for Chow enthusiasts. And a lot of our Chow friends from around the world were there too.

Judging the bitches was Igor Selimovic, HR, who we didn't know beforehand. But our Italian friends did and we were soon to find out, they were right saying, he did not at all like Hsintes Nordic type. He wanted heavy boned Chows with heavy heads. Almost the opposite of our preferences.
But in the end I guess Hsinte didn't care - in fact she wanted to be anywhere but at this show. For the first time she was anxious and sad. We almost didn't enter the ring, because she was drooling a lot and looked as if something was terribly wrong. She didn't even drink all day. But in the end she just didn't like it. Back home she was fine.

13-06-2010 ChewbaccaHsinte & Chewbacca in an open show in Sabro

How we looked forward to this event. To see Chewbacca again for the first time since he moved to his new family. And what a joy it was. He was happy to see us, but no doubt in his mind his people were Jørgen and Ingelise.

It was Chewbacca's first show and he was Best Opposite Sex and had a fine written report.

Hsinte was Best Of Breed, and she is quite experienced now.


Chewbacca is moving out - again

Today is the day where Chewbacca has packed all his present life and moved out. He has found a very nice couple in Århus, that were really enthusiastic to have him move in. They have had two Chow Chows before and knows exactly what they are in for.

Hsinte went with us to investigate the new surroundings and they found everything awfully thrilling. Chewbacca will be living near by the queens summer residence. Right out to the Forest, Marselis, and close to the bay. I wonder if this will not be a great doggy life - no, I believe it will.

And the best is he will still come home for holidays.

Today the puppies are one year old and they are celebrated with flowers for the breeders and goods for the pups.

20-04-2010 BiruThe day we met Biru in The Netherlands

Anne Sofie and Michael had told us about Biru, a dignified Chow, who is situated right across the street, sitting and watching over the area, where they go for their daily walk with Martha. And now we got to meet him.

Biru has sat in the end of Nieuwe Gracht close to Abstederbrug in Utrecht since 1997. He is a big, beautiful bronze statue made by his owner, the sculpturer, Joop Hekman, who from the window in his studio has been able to enjoy his lovely dog after he had to say the last farewell.
Joop Hekman and Biru was known to everyone in Utrecht for their daily walks in the park alongside the canal.

Hsinte - Biru - PrebenBiru means blue. Also he can be found outside the city hall in Enschede, where he since 1985 has been a part of the work of art "De Familie".

We thought it was great fun to see Biru, but Hsinte was much more interested in all the dogs she met, walking in the park every single day at all times. Most of them without their leash.

These dogs obviously knew each other and to them it was great fun to meet Hsinte, the new kid on the block. And all the people queued up to tell us the story of Biru - most of them in sonorous Dutch.
Apparently it has been a long time since they last saw a Chow in the park. Several claimed, there hadn't been any since Biru.

10-04-2010 Hsinte has been at a show in Gjern

In the class for Chinese crested. She is completely and utterly out of coat and she looks like a new shorthairs variant. She ended up with a GOOD in junior class, but also she was the only chow in summer coat. At least she had a nice written critique.
06-04-2010 ChewbaccaChewbacca has moved home for a while

His family in Randers was down to one person, who struck to give Chewbacca the best doggy life, without great success, and now he has moved back home. It seems to fit him perfectly. He enjoy himself with the girls, the neighbours and not least - us. Already he has taken the responsibility to keep a good eye on things in the garden for blackbirds and other guests to behave in good manner.

He truly is a nice and easy boy, we all love to have in the house!


Today Tessa is eight years old

She is doing great upon the operations even if the coat is both dead and dreary. Well I hope we soon will see our little Tessa mouse back in shape.
09-03-2010 Poor Tessa - this time she had her womb removed

Again Tessa had an anaesthesia and she had an infected womb removed. Luckily everything is ok and she is getting well rapidly. But we were very sorry she had to go through this once again in only two weeks..
26-02-2010 Chewbacca on holiday again

Picked up Chewbacca in Randers today.

He hates car driving, but he was quite out of himself with enthusiasm, when Højholt came nearer. He knows exactly what he is coming home to.

He respectfully greets the two older girls and then it's playtime. Hsinte and he played continuously until 3 O'clock in the morning, where they finally calmed down. Now he just enjoys life - and the freedom to choose whether to go out in the garden or stay indoors. He is such a sweet and easy-going boy.
23-02-2010 TessaTessa had to have the wart removed

Unfortunately the small knot began more and more to look like a malicious tumour and it had to be removed.

There is not much skin that can be removed in that area, but the wrinkles on the muzzle are a little straighter now. We hope enough is removed for it won't come back.

Our vet Gitte Madsen, Virklund Dyreklinik, has made a great job and the sewing on Tessa's nose is almost invisible. All stitches are hidden and she is not even swollen.Tessa

14-01-2010 Tessa has grown a wart-like spot on her nose

It's placed right between the black nose and the furred muzzle. Quite difficult if it has to be removed. Right now it's like a smooth wart, but we will have to see how it develops.
19-12-2009 Finally we got rid of the fox mange

It has been a hard struggle. Six times we went to the vet for injections. And just as we thought this was it, Tessa began itching. But finally it stopped and the coat is growing back in the attacked areas.
Hsinte's ears were very thin-haired and Tessa had bit all the coat of her back in the left site.

ChewbaccaAnd we have been so lucky to have Chewbacca staying for almost a week. He had a good time at "home" with the girls and I must say he is easy to handle. Much more well-trained than his sister, that is spoiled rotten by everyone. It has been a pleasure being allowed to borrow him.
He has grown to be a really nice boy, and he has a splendid life with his new friends in Randers.

Today Ushi is six years old

She is still a marvellous dog and after all the oldies are gone, she is the @-dog. Tessa is two years older, but not clever enough to be no. one.

Ushi rules with mildness and ingenuity and it is rarely necessary for her to put her foot down.

30-10-2009 We have mange.

Three dogs that are itching and itching. The last few days they have been itching one after the other - some days more - some days almost not. But the last two days it has been bad, so we had to go to the vet. He confirmed our suspicion. The dogs scratch their ears and front legs - this is classical symptoms on mange.
Unfortunately Hsinte has gnawed and tarred on her thigh today and she is not looking good.
But as long as the treatment is working soon, so that they can calm down quickly, she will be nice and pretty again.

It was hard to believe as we have never sin foxes with scab in this area. But counting the days it suits fine as we went for a walk in fox land.

The vet told us that this summer in our area they had seen many dogs with borelia from wood ticks. And that they had to put a few down because they were too ill to cure. This sucks.

20-10-2009 Hsinte has started her first season

We believe she is much too young for this - only five month old. But it is most probably the old girls pulling her into it.
10-10-2009 Anette & AntonWe have been to a dog show in Aars

Finally Anton came. After waiting a very long time, our boy came to see us again. The joy at meeting us was great and not many minutes went by until Anton felt at home here at Højholt.

Hsinte and Anton found their old ways in a second and were quick to destroy several hours of grooming, as they both were entered a dog show today. In and out they went at full speed through the dog flap.

Today was the day for Anton's first show. And he was ever so clever in the ring. Anton and Anette had Very Promising and were Best Baby Dog. Hsinte beat him at the end and was Best Baby.
Judge Peter L. Jensen, Denmark.
But we all had a great day and home again in one piece, the playing could continue where they left last night.

Also Ushi was entered today. She had a fine Very Good and was placed as no. two in Open Class.

26-09-2009 AntonAnton lifts his leg for the first time

Now he is no longer a tiny baby, but soon he will be a cool puppy, who will be able to cope with all the dogs in Kvanløse.

Anyway the best is, that  he will come for a visit very soon. We will see him for the first time since he moved out almost three month ago.
While Anton and Hsinte are going to a dog show.

12-09-2009 Specialized studies in genetics and law - supplementary to the Danish Kennel Club's breeder education

We really had a great day.
Senior researcher in Molecular basis of disease, specialized in dogs, Helle Friis Prochowsky, Faculty of Life Sciences, led us with great enthusiasm into her world of genetics. She is absolutely great at explaining the latest findings in the area of genetics in dogs for everybody to understand. Especially about diseases and DNA tests, but also the interesting world of colour genetics was dealt with.
Later it was Jan Larsen, former jurist in The Danish Kennel Club, who taught us all about the Sale of Goods Act and the laws and government orders relating to dogs. He made boring terms of art very interesting.
05-09-2009 Preben & HsinteFirst show

Hsinte had her debut in a show in Rougsø, where she was Best Baby. Judge Jutta Meyer, Germany.

It was a great first show experience as she only met friendly people as well as dogs and she had a good time.

15-08-2009 Time flies

Hsinte is growing up and now weighs 12 kg. three month old. She was at the vet yesterday for yet another vaccination and now has her own passport, ready for vacation abroad.
We have started training in puppy class  in DKK in Silkeborg last Wednesday, where we learn all about clicker training. Hsinte loves it, but mostly the goodies and the break, where she can play with 7-9 puppies of different breed. We are in the team with small breeds, which fits us perfectly.
Hsinte looks more and more like her dad and like him, she is a real lapdog. Botai is sitting in his "mothers lap when the is working with the computer. This idea fits Hsinte perfectly.
18-07-2009 Chewbacca home again for a little vacation

The next 12 days again we are lucky to have two puppies. Hsinte and Chewbacca quickly found their old ways and he seems to love being back home. The last week he has been very hot at his new home even if his new family has done everything humanly possible under the given circumstances to cool him down.
Quickly he captures his old cool place under the dining table in the kitchen.
We have a lot of plans on what to do with the pups and one of the things will be a few days vacation in Skagen at Poul Egs Camping. This will be fun for the pups.
14-07-2009 Much too empty

Two hectic month have passed and we have said good buy and see you later first to Chewbacca and today to Anton. It is awful to say good buy, but their new families have waited for a long time and have been looking forward to life with their new family member.
Both Chewbacca and Anton buoyancy and will do well.
We hope, they will give their new best friends a lot of joy in the future.
06-07-2009 Today we had to say good bye to sweet Tufai

Less than eight weeks after having lost sweet Luna, Tufai dies.
Last week he had a seizure one time during our evening walk, but we blamed the heat and three very aggressive dogs, which we met on the way. A few days later it happened during the night but we were not sure if it actually was a seizure or something else.
Today, arriving home from work, it happened again and he was transported to the vet. A few km. before the clinic he was seized with cramp and gone in a second.
The vet said, it must have been coursed by a cardiac insufficiency because of old age, but ten years is not old.
We miss him so much, but now he is with Luna on the other side of the rainbow bridge.
16-05-2009 The worst thing imaginable has happened to us

Luna has died from the little ones and has left us forever. At the after-birth check-up at the vets, they found to more dead puppies in her womb, six hours after she gave birth to the last puppy at home, which unfortunately was still-born. But she had no more birth pain and we expected, this was it - se was finished.
But two more dead pups was inside her, whereas she by the help of the vet managed to give birth to one. The other one just wouldn't out of there and finally she had a caesarean. In all she was in the hands of the vet for six hours where after we took her home with the pups recommended by the vet.  We found home to be the best place for her to recover with her pups after all this stress.

At 2:40 she was dead and we could do nothing to wake her back to life. She was gone and we were completely devastated. Luna was the best dog, one could ever wish for and this is also the reason why we wanted this litter. In the end, we can't help asking us self, why this was so important. We just wish so much not to have mated her, to still have our little Luna here with us.

We are now nursing the puppies with mother milk from Royal Canin and they are doing well. All four of them are very strong and filled with spirit. Later we hope, the old girls will help the puppies on they way, for them to learn doggy behaviour and to give them the right imprint..

First we tried to find a nurse and Kirsten from the Danish web-site ammestuen.dk was soon out with a solution. A dog that lives right outside the city of Roskilde (which is located very far from us), who loves babies and produces milk, even if it's for a goat kid. But we couldn't sent Luna's puppies that far away, where it would be almost impossible to follow them, until they are eight weeks old and ready for their new families. It might be better for the pups, but we just couldn't do it. Ushi and Tessa are very observant, at aware they don't cry too much and even Tufai has "father-feelings" towards them.

15-05-2009 And then they came

Luna has given birth to four puppies this night/morning. Two bitches and two dogs. One of the dogs is black, the rest of them are red.
21-04-2009 Finally - we are expecting puppies


We attended The Danish Kennel Club's (DKK) breeders course January 31. and February 1. 2009 on Hobro Youth Hostel.

Today it was time for the follow-up visit on our kennel by the DKK Kennel contact in district 6, Inga Bonnez.

Now we don't have a kennel as such - if so we are all living in it, but there are guidelines to keeping and breeding dogs, no matter the size of the kennel. The setting as well as the dogs physical and mental health are evaluated.
Kennel follow-up report:
The kennel owners have attended the breeders course!
The kennel is in private living-quarters, where the four dogs are kept together in one group. There are toys and fresh water available. There is a dog flap, so that the dogs freely can run into a fenced in garden with a big lawn. The dogs are well-groomed and well-fed. Absolutely nothing to change.

A great place to be a dog.

Things that must be changed: NOTHING

Updated 24-11-2012


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