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  • Gjern er den blå prik i midten af JyllandWe live in Gjern in the hilly sea highland a little north of Silkeborg.

  • We are to humans, our Chow Chows and a red tomcat.

  • Actually we are bragging a little calling us a Kennel, as we have rarely any puppies. But we enjoy show life both in and outside of Denmark. Mostly to look and to have a nice dog chat at ringside.

  • Our first Chow Chow moved in with January 1980 and since then our life has gone to the dogs.

  • In 1988 we began showing and in 1990 we had our first litter.

  • The most important to us, is the daily life we experience with the Chow Chows.

  • The Chow Chow is an extraordinary breed, that fits us perfectly. It is independent and proud. As a true Asian they want to be treated with dignity.
    You do nor demand your Chow Chow to do this and that, but ask him nicely. And then he might actually do it!

  • You are always welcome to a Chow chat. Feel free to contact us on e-mail: hsiungkou@fibermail.dk


Updated 01-07-2011


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